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About Business Loan

The first and foremost thing required for expanding any business whether on large scale or small is capital. In fact, even if you are opening a small tea stall you require the capital as well. The amount of capital depends on the type of business you are starting. The sole aim of any business is profit maximization and if you want to earn a good profit at the end of the day you have to invest a good capital into your trade and this is where we, Loan Paisa stand beside you.

After you have decided as to how you are going to expand, the next vital element is the arrangement of capital and this where the Business Loan comes in. If you are self sufficient to raise the capital all by yourself well and good but if are unable to arrange the amount and keen on expanding a business then you can always approach some bank of your choice which will provide Business Loan to expand your trade. Loan Paisa is one such institution that can help you in raising the capital needed.

Criteria of Business Loan for Salaried Person

  • Age: 25-65
  • Rate Of Intrest: Transfer - 12% onwards : Fresh 14 - 16%
  • Processing Fees : Above 10 Lacs -2999/- Balance Transfer: Rs. 999/-; Others 2%*
  • Loan Amount : Rs. 1 Lacs to Rs.50 Lacs
  • Tenure : Min. 12 Months - Max. 60 Months
  • Eligibility :

    1.Loan Amount Up to 22* times of Net Salary.
    2.HDFC Bank existing Customer Special discounted Rates/ -
    3.Spouse Income clubbed* to Get best Loan Amount, Lowest Rates & Processing Fees.
    4.Loan offerings for first time borrowers also.