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About Home Loan

Essentials of Getting a Home Loan in India
Everyone wishes to have their own home or dwelling where they can live a peaceful and happy life along with their family members. But with the hike in the property rates and increase in the cost of construction materials day in and day out it has becoming extremely difficult to even purchase a small flat, especially for the middle class families. Loan Paisa understands this basic human need and has come up with various plans to help…
The safest option left out for the people willing to purchase their own home is taking home loan and understanding today’s needs, we at Loan Paisa have designed easy home loan options. Almost every bank, whether private or government owned, offers a home loan at various rates of interest. The Reverse Bank of India (RBI) determines the rate of interest applicable, though.

Categories of Home Loans
There are different types of home loan. The first is purchasing loan for buying a house. The second is loan for repairing the house which has already been brought. The other is home extension loan for building any extra part in your home.
Your home is the most important place where you can relax and remain stress free and we take all possible measures to keep you stress free. Just like you’re careful while selecting a home similarly you have to be cautious when you choose your lender. You choose a home that is comfortable and charming and most importantly suits your budget. So select a bank which offers you easy repayment options and does not harass you from time to time and when weighing the options we are sure that we are well above competition.

Criteria of Home Loan for Salaried Person

  • Age: 21 - 60
  • Rate Of Intrest: 9.50% - 11%
  • Processing Fees : .5% - 1%
  • Loan Amount : 5 Lac - 3 Cr
  • Tenure : Min. 1 Year - Max. 25 Year
  • Eligibility :