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About Property Loan

Loan against property is an easy and quick procedure to get a loan as soon as possible. If you have an asset to offer as a security against the loan you're planning to take then it will not be a problem at all to get a loan with Loan Paisa guiding you through. People have various kinds of dreams to fulfill in their lifetime. Earlier it was possible only if they had the full cost of their dreams in their hands. But now it has become possible for them to fulfill these dreams even if they don't have access to all the finances personally. Loan against Property is one of those available options that the borrower has to give a definite shape to their dreams through the easy and personalized services provided by Loan Paisa.

Advantages of Loan against property:

• The interest rate becomes low due to the presence of the property as the security.
• It is a secured loan, the reason being the same as above.
• The working period (the duration within which the Loan has to be repaid) is longer than tenures of other types of loans. It can extend to 15 years.
• The EMI (Equated Monthly Installment) for Loan against Property is lower than those for other types of loans, the reason being the above point.

Criteria of Property Loan for Self Employed Person

  • Age: 24 - 60
  • Rate Of Intrest: 10.30% - 16%
  • Processing Fees : .5% - 1.5%
  • Loan Amount : 15 L - 10 Cr
  • Tenure : Min. 5 Year - Max. 15 Year
  • Eligibility :