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About Personal Loan

Personal Loans often provide timely help to ease one's debt burden or even meet an unplanned emergency. As an informed customer, one can proactively negotiate all aspects of one's Personal Loan, particularly the cost of the loan, the processing charges and the EMI. Loan Paisa offers some very lucrative plans in terms of Personal Loans. Personal Loan is a short term credit option available to clear a pressing debt, or meet an unseen emergency and Loan Paisa has some of the best offer in hand. In layman's talk, it can be from any source viz. a relative, a friend, an employer, a self-help group, a co-operative society, a bank etc. In business terminology, it is a type of loan extended by a bank or a non banking financial institution under legal agreement with its customer.

Criteria of Personal Loan for Salaried Person

  • Age: 21 - 60
  • Rate Of Intrest: 11.49% - 16%
  • Processing Fees : .5% - 2.5%
  • Loan Amount : 1L - 30L
  • Tenure : Min. 12 Months - Max. 60 Months
  • Eligibility :

  • Max Time Of Repayment: 40 Days
  • Min Time Of Repayment: 25 Days
  • APR(Annual Percentage Rate): Intrest Rate + Fees + Other Cost
  • ( Example: )
    ( Loan Amount: Rs.100000)
    ( Intrest Rate(16%): Rs.16000)
    ( Processing Fee(1%): Rs.1000)
    ( Service Tax(15%): Rs.15000)
    (Total Amount:Rs.1,00000 + 16,000 + 1,000 + 15,000 = 1,32,0000)